About mrmaton

I'm an aging player who has more knowledge than experience. It is what it is!!

Gear: PRS SE Custom 24

The SE Custom 24 Serial#: Q01130 (2016) The 2016 SE Custom 24 specs can be found here. This was the worst guitar buying experience I’ve had. Its setup on delivery was disgusting and it wouldn’t [...]

Gear: Maton EM325C

OK, here come the Gear posts.... The Maton EM325C – Serial#:14383 (01/06) I bought this guitar around the middle of 2008. As a mid-priced Maton sitting in the $1100-$1400 price bracket it delivered excellent bang [...]

Update: Monthly Challenge

The Monthly Challenge concept is an attempt to keep me working on something that has a deadline. This will hopefully bring some structure into my playing/practicing in terms of time management due to all the [...]

Update: Gear Page

The Gear Page is taking longer than expected. I couldn't get updated photos of everything today so I'm hoping I'll have better conditions (lighting) tomorrow. I'm having issues with inserting 'same page links' via the [...]

Update: Audio Streaming

Audio Playback Update: I've tried to embed SoundCloud players into the Audio page so I don't have to serve the files (bandwidth) from my hosting platform, however, this did not go as planned. The SoundCloud [...]

Audio: Rock Pop

Recorded in December 2014. This was the recording I made for my Dad, I did a video showing the audio interface I bought (M-Audio M-Track Plus) and how I could record directly into [...]

Video: Soul Searching

Recorded September 2015. I'm using a David Wallimann method for creating melody, which is: First listen to the backing track and put your guitar down. Listen to it again and start to hum or sing [...]