About mrmaton

I'm an aging player who has more knowledge than experience. It is what it is!!

Video: Slow Blues

Recorded in January 2015. This was one of the first attempts to record the computer screen and myself playing at the same time then add the audio in post production. I'm using Sonar to record, [...]

Audio: Georgia

Recorded in June 2016. This one is in E flat and sounds very similar to the classic - Georgia on my mind. This was played on the SE C24 shortly after I got [...]

Audio: Rock Ballad

Recorded in July 2015. This backing track came from Vito Astone and was originally intended to help people sound like Steve Via, however, that’s not what I used it for. My take on [...]

Video: The Thrill

This one was recorded in October 2015 and was an exercise in moving all over the fretboard. Most of my playing usually ends up in one or two scale positions and the purpose of this [...]

Video: Dad’s 335

My Dad made this Gibson 335 style guitar from a kit. It came with all the pieces in a box and you have to put it together, set it up, and finish the woodwork. There's [...]

Video: Precious Time

This is a recording I made soon after I bought my Maton EM325C. It's a song called "Precious Time" by Tommy Emmanuel and I learnt it from Tommy's "Up Close" Video. I chose this song [...]

Video: Lenny

The Black Strat (Squier) does "Lenny". This was one of my first computer based recordings from back in the mid to late 90's. It was a 486 or P100 vintage computer with some demo drum [...]

Video: Little Wings

Here is the first video going up, it can be found on both the Music page and the Music/Video page. This was recorded in July 2016 after getting the SE C24 back from a friend [...]

Update: About Page

I've just spent the last two days working on content for the About Page. I've got a lot more on there than I originally intended. Ends with a Contact Form - so there's that..... Seriously [...]