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Audio Jams and Soloing

These Audio files will be added via the Blog in no particular order, I'll just post them as I find them so they maybe from all different moments in time...

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” If you play music for no other reason than actually just because you love it, the skills just kinda creep up on you ”
Nuno Bettencourt


Recorded in June 2016. This one is in E flat and sounds very similar to the classic – Georgia on my mind. This was played on the SE C24 shortly after I got it and I was not happy with the way it was setup so I was a little frustrated and vented a little while playing. Not great soloing, just raw and reckless.
The Backing Track came from Backing Tracks Music on YouTube.

Rock Ballad

Recorded in July 2015. This backing track came from Vito Astone and was originally intended to help people sound like Steve Via, however, that’s not what I used it for. My take on this Rock Ballad was about motivic development, I ended up sounding a lot different than a lot of my other stuff by just thinking a little bit more about phrasing and developing ideas. Some of it payed off and some of it didn’t.

The picture was taken from a pole dancers floor routine which a friend of mine recorded (videography) then added this track to it as the backing music. I think it was a private video so I can’t give you a link to it – Sorry.

Rock Pop

Recorded in December 2014. This was the recording I made for my Dad, I did a video showing the audio interface I bought (M-Audio M-Track Plus) and how I could record directly into Sonar over a backing track while letting an amp modelling plugin like Amplitube3 change the effects processing my guitar signal.

This was also the video that reinforced why I should not have my head in frame when recording. Facial expressions can be distracting, and I simply can’t control what happens to my face when I play – No one needs to see that.

The backing track is from Guitars Playbacks, and the track is called: Backing Track – Rock Pop – E major