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Videos of Jams and Improvising

These videos will be added via the Blog in no particular order, but they will be sorted here from earliest to latest. Depending on whether I can remember when they were recorded.
” you’re always learning about this thing every time you pick it up ”
Keith Richards

Little Wings

This was recorded in July 2016 after getting the SE C24 back from a friend of a friend who sorted out some tuning problems it had with a brand new nut. Thanks again to Rob!!

The backing track I used was produced by the YouTube channel “Now You Shred Jam Track Online“, and it’s called “Little Wing Chords in Eb Minor (Jimi / SRV Style) – Backing Track – 10 Glorious Minutes!” – Just a short title.

This has some stuff ups in it, some overdubs, and not a lot of thought or planning went into the making of this clip. It was just testing out the guitar to see if it could stay in tune with a bit of moderate tremolo action. It stood up pretty well I thought, it was certainly 100 times better than how I received it from the shop.

Anyways, it is what it is…

The Thrill

This one was recorded in October 2015 and was an exercise in moving all over the fretboard. Most of my playing usually ends up in one or two scale positions and the purpose of this solo was to experiment around the fretboard in those areas that are unfamiliar no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Probably one of the best grooves I’ve held for quite a while, and that’s due to playing consistency I believe. I had been playing every night for about 2 weeks coming into this recording so it’s better than most of the stuff I record.

Based on the song “The Thrill Is Gone” and in tribute to B.B. King, I got this backing track from the Randy Martin Guitar YouTube Channel.

Dad’s 335

My Dad made this Gibson 335 style guitar from a kit. It came with all the pieces in a box and you have to put it together, set it up, and finish the woodwork. There’s really a lot of work that goes into one of these builds, and Dad’s was no exception.

I recorded this in October 2015, the rhythm part was heavily effected and played with the neck pickup while the lead part had a bit of overdrive on it and was played with the bridge pickup.

The main chord progression comes from a Slento86 YouTube video. I found his video when I bought my RC-3 and liked the backing track so I asked about it and remembered it. The main chords are Emaj7 – F#m7 – B – E, but I added a diatonic descending run (Amaj7 – G#m7 – F#m7 – E) to act as a B-Section and change it a bit.

The original Slento86 version is faster than mine, so it’s probably not a good idea to listen to this when sleepy…..

Soul Searching

Recorded September 2015. I’m using a David Wallimann method for creating melody, which is:

First listen to the backing track and put your guitar down. Listen to it again and start to hum or sing any melody that comes to you. When you find something you like, pick the guitar up and find the notes you were singing. You can develop this further and alter it after the base melody is set.

This is one way to internalize what you play. Make it from scratch without the guitar- then express it on the guitar…

Good exercise. I’d recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done it before.

Davids Backing track site “Guitar Playback.com” has a backing track pack from Javier Loaiza that contains 10 quality backing tracks, I’m using one called “Soul Searching” from that album for this video.

Slow Blues

Recorded in January 2015. This was one of the first attempts to record the computer screen and myself playing at the same time then add the audio in post production.

I’m using Sonar to record, Amplitube3 for an amp simulation, and a 2007 SRV Strat tuned down to Eb. I’ve never played a ‘Minor’ blues before so I go for some Major based riffs out of habit 🙁

Limited scale/riff knowledge keeps my lines somewhat linear, and I don’t move out of Position 1&2 of minor pentatonic shapes, except for a few places where I borrow some notes from an E natural minor/Aeolian scale.

Recorded in one pass, no overdubs, exported through Sony Vegas.

The Backing track is called Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Slow Blues Backing Track Jam in Em and comes from the “My Darn Jam Tracks” YouTube Channel.

Precious Time

This is a recording I made soon after I bought my Maton EM325C. It’s a song called “Precious Time” by Tommy Emmanuel and I learnt it from Tommy’s “Up Close” Video.

I chose this song because it was simple enough to do with a flat pick without going fully fingered like Tommy does with a lot of his songs.

Once again I didn’t record a video of me playing it, but just recorded the audio and made a montage of pics of my new acoustic….

Just noticed the date stamp in the sound hole – That guitar was 10 years old this year (2016)….. Wow – Time fly’s..…..


This was one of my first computer based recordings from back in the mid to late 90’s. It was a 486 or P100 vintage computer with some demo drum programming software on it from a music magazine. I tried to recreate the Lenny drum track using the software and had to leave the computer on for a few days straight because the demo version wouldn’t save my work.

It took multiple takes, using the faithful black Squier and a Digitech GSP 2101 Studio Tube Preamp/Processor for the main guitar effect (#28), then getting my mate Ben to record the bass part for it – it took a while to get it all down.

We weren’t capturing any video back then but I posted this to YT as a picture montage in memory of SRV when I first started a YouTube channel.

I learnt the song from a TAB published in the March 1991 edition of Guitar Player Magazine, and as such it resembles the recorded version that appears on the Texas Flood album.

I can play bits of this today but couldn’t play it through note for note like I tried to do in this recording.

If you like that kind of thing – enjoy!

IF not, move on. D-)